Hotelzimmermöbel Schlafzimmer-Sets Luxus-Kingsize-Bett nach Maß aus Guangdong

Hotel Room Furniture Bedroom Sets Luxury King Size Bed Custom Made from Guangdong

Hotelzimmermöbel Schlafzimmer-Sets Luxus-Kingsize-Bett nach Maß aus Guangdong

15. September 2023

In minimalist design, the choice of every piece of furniture is crucial, not only making the view more comfortable, but also making the home environment more comfortable.

And Italian minimalism has the beauty of Chinese "freehand brushwork with blank spaces", without too many complicated lines, and has a more aesthetic meaning of "empty but not empty", which is a perfectly appropriate form of artistic design. In furniture design, Ginotti makes good use of this to create an elegant, comfortable, and peaceful home atmosphere.

Under the influence of the fast-paced modern times, the pressure of life is enormous, and people often forget to truly stop to feel life, experience life, and relax during busy intervals.

In bedroom furniture design, appropriate use of freehand brushwork can make it full of human touch and instantly radiate a strong emotional color in the home. Through clever design, AMA has been doing more to increase humanistic care.


The bedroom is the most private and comfortable space in a family, and the bed, footstool, and bedside table are the most important components of bedroom furniture. Italian minimalist furniture adds unique charm and practicality to the bedroom with its simple and fashionable design style.

The design of Italian minimalist beds pursues simple and elegant lines. As the soul of bedroom furniture, beds carry our rest and dreams. In the world of minimalist furniture, the dark 

The genuine leather material has a natural texture and durability, which is durable and easy to clean and maintain. Its soft touch and glossy texture bring irreplaceable comfort, making your sleep experience more enjoyable.

The dark brown leather bed is not just a bed, it also carries our pursuit of bedroom decoration. By selecting furniture such as dark coffee bed stools and bedside tables, a harmonious overall bedroom environment can be created. The classic dark brown leather bed is paired with white fabric sheets or light colored walls to create a simple, fashionable, elegant and elegant atmosphere.

Although the dark brown leather bed pursues simplicity in design, it does not lack practicality. Many dark brown leather beds are also equipped with storage functions, and the space under the bed can be used to store items such as bedding and seasonal clothing. This design provides more storage space, making your bedroom cleaner and more organized.


The design style of Kara Bai Yan board bedside table emphasizes simplicity and elegance, with simple and smooth lines, and an unparalleled sense of design. The disc and four pillars create a minimalist and clever design. When placed in the bedroom, it is not exaggerated but harmonious and fashionable.

The surface is made of high-quality Kara white rock board, which is a natural material with smooth, wear-resistant, and easy to clean properties, bringing high quality and durability to the bedside table. The color of Kara white rock panel is usually white or light gray, which can easily match with different styles of bedroom decoration.

It provides convenient storage space, allowing you to easily place personal items or books. The bedside table is usually equipped with drawers or open storage space, which can conveniently store items such as phones, alarm clocks, books, etc. In addition, lighting fixtures and other decorative items can be placed to increase the warmth and personalization of the bedroom.

Kara white rock board bedside table has excellent adaptability and can be coordinated with different styles of bedroom decoration. In the modern minimalist style, the Kara white rock panel bedside table provides a refreshing and clean appearance, making the entire bedroom look neater and more orderly. 


The design style of the Qianniao grid fabric bed footstool is simple and lively, with smooth lines. Usually using a thousand bird pattern fabric as the fabric, this classic pattern adds a fashionable and unique feeling to the bed stool. The Qianniao grid fabric bed footstool is also meticulously crafted with high-quality fabric, making it durable and comfortable.

In terms of practicality, it is also first-class. The design of the bed stool takes into account people's needs and serves as an additional seat for guests to rest or change clothes.

The color matching is also very flexible, which can be coordinated with different styles of bedroom decoration. The classic black and white thousand bird pattern fabric is suitable for a minimalist modern style, creating a comfortable and charming bedroom environment.